Springing Forward

This time of year always brings a state of confusion. As I wrapped up playing Grand Theft Auto 5 and started getting ready to go to bed I glanced at the clock to read 1:54 a.m. After finishing I come in my room and crawl into the bed. By force of habit I glance at the clock and see 3:06 a.m. My first thought was “wow it’s pretty late” then it hit me that last time I checked the time it wasn’t even 2 yet. Once my brain made the connection I checked with my brother just to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind (well, what I haven’t lost already). So I figured since I can’t really sleep I’ll write a post.
I’ve been meaning to get on and write but every time I think to do it either I get distracted or something else comes up. Not really an eventful week. It was spring break so I didn’t have classes but I didn’t have any special plans so it was a pretty normal week for me. Of course spring break had to bring along two snow days and a whole bunch of other too cold for anything fun days. I’ve been out alone a lot this past week just people watching while sitting at Starbucks or just driving around the city.
I don’t know why but I find it so intriguing watching people go about their lives. While sitting in Starbucks I saw several people in suits walk in Bluetooth in one ear chatting away while trying to order and dig for money all at once. I saw one guy in the comfy chair in the corner reading a book. Another woman was on her laptop typing rapidly. I just love seeing people so concentrated in what they are doing. That focus and drive in their eyes. Like every move they make is planned out with a purpose behind it. While I find those moments so intriguing I also feel a bit of sadness in them. We are all so focused on what is going on in our lives that we don’t take time to look at what’s going on around us. Granted I’m not much of an outgoing person but on rare occasions I’ll start a conversation with someone and that moment stays in my mind for the rest of the day. Because I left my own little world to talk to a new person in the real world. I don’t know. Late night philosophical(ish) moment over.



I started that post then got too tired before I could finish it and submit so I’ll just add on to this one because I don’t want to just delete it.

Pretty standard week again. Nothing really interesting. Had an ongoing toothache for about 3 days. That was tons of fun……

I have just been in a general bad mood all week. Between the toothache, random headaches, and lack of sleep it’s been pretty hard for me to want to get out and be social. Of course that’s not to say that when I was out I didn’t have fun. Had a nice dinner and a good time at Red Lobster on Monday night. Then kind of stayed alone all day Tuesday just reading, watching Supernatural and occasionally working on a story I’ve been writing. It started with a dream that I had that really interested me because of the detail in it. I remembered it so vividly when I woke up that I instantly started writing it, though the more I write the more frustrating it gets.

Being in this strange mood has given me some clarity on character traits. Not so much mine (though some of it was) but on those that I’m around the most. What I noticed wasn’t all bad but some of it was just kind of dare I say annoying.

I personally like to think that I’m open minded. I listen and respect other people’s opinions and belief’s. But it becomes really hard to do that when they come across in a rude or disrespectful way. I’ll elaborate more on that topic in a later post titled Rant or something. This way if someone doesn’t want to read it they don’t have to.

On the brighter side of things.

I’ve got my top 5 University’s picked. Now it’s just a matter of actually visiting campus and seeing how well I like it while also being mindful of the cost of tuition. Since 3 of the 5 schools are private institutions and not public I know the cost is likely going to be above average. I had a slight anxiety moment thinking about that but then decided I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

And once again I started a post then got distracted before posting it. So as I lay here yet again unable to sleep (though I’m starting to get tired) I decided to finally finish this and get it posted. Hopefully next post won’t be too long from this one. I’ll do better!

“Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday.” – Don Marquis

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